Financial System Features



Tracking your company's financial information is key to success. The fast pace of today's business environment makes it absolutely essential to get your accounting department automated quickly and easily. Being able to produce comprehensive and tailored financial reports and balance sheets will allow you to track your revenue and expenses and see at a glance where you need to trim costs and increase revenue in order to improve profitability and meet your financial objectives.


Our intuitive, easy-to-use web interface allows you to access your company’s financial records anywhere, anytime. On the road or from your home office, our web access Financial System lets you track assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Our comprehensive software package helps you manage the complete financial picture including account details, related documents, and a complete history or events. All the information you need to generate invoices, statements, and purchase orders is contained in the package so you can look at reports, make notes and generate emails instantly using pre-defined templates tailored to all your business and financial needs.


All the relevant information you need to manage your company’s complete financial picture is contained in one easy to use package that you can access from wherever you have an internet connection.


The main features of the Financial System are:


·          Manage payments, invoices and transactions

·          Create different payment and invoice types

·          Document invoices, payments, transactions

·          Customize templates, letterheads, emails, etc.

·          Manage accounts in any currency

·          Search for paid and unpaid invoices, payments, etc.

·          Configure default payment and invoice types

·          View history and status at anytime


The main features of the Collection System are:


·          Automated case tracking from case opened to case closed

·          Complete history of case steps, actions and events

·          Predefined letter templates for immediate communication

·          Complete record of all communication

·          Keeps track of contacts, phone numbers, emails and addresses

·          Easy to use web interface give you access from anywhere, anytime.

·          Complete financial tracking in multiple currencies

·          Ability to tailor your company’s processes

·          Ability to attach notes and documents

·          Remote client access 24/7

·          Sub case definition for easy case management


The main features of the Intranet System are:


·          Corporate Knowledge management with the Document Library

·          Search and share clients, vendors, and other contacts

·          Post news items

·         Create Newsletters

·          Forum for topic discussion, ideas and information sharing

·          Company Calendar


The main features of the Sale System are:


·          Enter leads and lead contact information

·          Manage opportunities and opportunity potential

·          Manage activities for conversion to sale

·          Attach supporting documentation

·          Summarize Opportunities


The main features of the Project System are:


·          Create and manage special projects

·          View project status and project priority instantly

·          Manage project activities

·          View transaction history and status anytime, anywhere

·          Define project parameters and transaction types

·          Attach documentation


The main features of the Letter System are:


·          Generate letters instantly from templates

·          Search for letters easily

·          Attach letters to emails or print as PDFs

·          Create different letter types

·          Create different letterheads